Landmark case heard in the Court of Appeal

This case ‘Parking Eye -v- Beavis’ raised the question of the legality and level of charges levied on private land. On all counts, the case was found in the parking companies favour. Please find a reaction below.

“Three judges at the Court of Appeal have dismissed a case brought by a driver against the private parking firm Parking Eye. The case was brought by Mr Beavis, from Chelmsford, on the basis that the £85 charge levied against him after he overstayed at a car park was disproportionate and hence unlawful. But in their ruling, the Judges unanimously decided that the charge was “not extravagant.” Source RAC Foundation, 23rd April 2015.

“Parking on someone else’s land is a privilege and not a right to be abused. Today the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in the case ‘Parking Eye -v- Beavis’. The judgment confirms that parking charges which are issued are legally enforceable and provide landowners with the much-needed protection for their land. It goes against recent high profile releases which caused confusion for motorists at a time when clarity was required, such confusion will have no doubt caused many trusting motorists to refuse to pay their parking charges and who will now be faced with a higher bill as a result”. Source IPC, 23rd April 2015.

The full Judgment can be found here.