Case Studies

marina parking

24 / 7 Torquay Marina. MDL, Torquay

This is a busy harbour side two storey car park in the centre of Torquay waterfront. One floor is for permit holders and the top floor for the general public. The Marina itself is open around the clock for access and the parking areas needed to be monitored at all times from a customer service and security viewpoint.

Following consultations with the client and a site survey to makes sure the right system was recommended, we implemented an ANPR camera led car park management system.

This system allows the client to issue virtual permits to their berth holders and also receive  income from the public parking area through ANPR linked payment machines, with a secondary ‘Pay by Phone’ method also available. Customers are able to ‘top up’ parking during, or at the end of their stay, by using either payment method.

All aspects of the system operate on a 24 / 7 – 365 days of the year, and staff are now able to focus on core Marina tasks instead of monitoring the car parks.

Since this scheme was rolled out, a second multi story car park in Brixham owned by our client, has had the same system successfully installed.

Premier rugby parking

Premier Solution for Premier Rugby

Sandy Park is home to the Exeter Chief’s, a rugby union premier League team. It is also a busy conference venue with a David Lloyd leisure club adjoining the site.

As part of a £10 million pound redevelopment the existing car park was increased to over 400 spaces. To administer some control over the use of the car park and with an eye to raising revenue, a standard pay & display system was introduced. In addition a virtual permit system for staff was also implemented.

The final part of the scheme was to use touchscreen portable Android based tablets so that conference staff could validate parking for certain users as they enter a conference room. This system uploads real time data to patrol staffs hand held units as they check the car park for pay & display, ‘PaybyPhone’ or virtual permit / tablet authorisation.

Fitness First, Exeter

Fitness First place customer service at the top of their priorities and when customers started to mention it was becoming difficult to find parking at busy times they asked us to look into the issues. The parking area has over 100 spaces and was being managed by a barrier system with no maximum stay period. Due to its close proximity to the town centre vehicles were staying all day. The barrier also often had service issues resulting in the car park suffering from additional unauthorised use.

We recommended the removal of the barrier and the installation of an ANPR camera system with a maximum 4 hour stay. To ensure genuine members could park freely we also installed our touch screen Kiosk app at the reception entrance. All members entering simply tap in their registration number and then enjoy their workout for up to 4 hours.

The car park now has a regular turnover of spaces, unauthorised use has dropped significantly and the client no longer has a barrier to pay maintenance or call outs for!